A document generator that will speed up the transaction by 3 times
Fill out documents in a few simple steps
Filling out templatesFilling out templates
Document packages generationDocument packages generation
Template generationTemplate generation
Filling out documents from directoriesFilling out documents from directories
Access rights demarcationAccess rights demarcation
>Over 600 employees use Form
Advantages of Form
Instant documents generation
  • Choose a template
  • Fill in several lines
  • Get a ready-made document
Automatic generation process
  • Filling in TIN data
  • Help with address input
  • CRM integration Coming soon
  • Plugin for your website Coming soon
  • Case declension
  • Date in words
A ready to use instrument
  • No training needed
  • 3 days integration
  • Data protection
  • Customised templates by our team
Sending for filling out
Send your partners or future employees a link to fill in the data
//company or ID details.
Document packages generation
Create templates from multiple documents such as an employment package,.
// including an employment contract, order о of taking office and NDA
Access permission
Connect your company's departments to the system for collective work. Give access to folders, create, edit  delete templates.
How to use Form
Choose the suitable document template
Fill in the fields in Form
Provides a template with necessary data. Full name, company information, selected service
The document is ready
You get a ready contract with the client in a couple of minutes
3 000
template documents have already been created in Form
10 times faster
than filling out template documents in Word
days for free, access to all features
How much you can save with Forma?
How many contracts do you sign per month?
Specify the approximate number of documents that an employee prepares per month by filling out templates
from 10to 300
How many employees fill out template documents in your company?
from 1to 100
The average salary of an employee per month?
from 20000to 200000
Using Forma your company for
1 month
Will save 41 hours employees' time
Will save $22,581 from the wage fund
Avoid 32 mistakes in the documents when filling out
How is it calculated?
Verified templates for your purposes
Use our template library to instantly create the right document or work with your own templates
Employment contract
230 users have already used the template
Areas of application
We don't offer common solutions because every business is unique
B2B services
  • HR agencies
  • Call centres
  • Lawyers
B2B services
Wholesale and retail sales
  • B2C goods sales
  • B2C services sales
  • B2C and B2B sales
Wholesale and retail sales
Leisure and rest
  • Travel agencies
  • Hostels and hotels
  • Hotels for animals
Leisure and rest
  • Medical Centre
  • Dentist
  • Vet clinics
Construction and repair
  • Windows sale and installation
  • Service center
  • House building
Construction and repair
  • Copy centres
  • Cleaning
  • Security agencies
  • Taxi companies
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • Driving School
  • Online Education
  • Clubs for children
Other business
  • Coworking
  • Law firm
  • Law office
Other business
  • Fitness
  • Martial Arts School
  • Sports School
We will do the paperwork, while you are doing business
First 7 days are free, then you will be offered to choose a subscription plan.Our pricing can be found here.
Any questions?
How much is the Form subscription plan?
Form has 3 types of plans."Team" (up to 3 active users), "Business" (up to 7 active users) and "Enterprise" (up to 15 active users). If you need to add more employees, the "Enterprise" plan can be expanded by the required number.For more information, see the Pricing section
How many users can be added to the account?
You can add an unlimited number of users to work with documents.As part of our subscription plans, up to 15 active users are provided and each additional one is charged 10$ extra per month.For more information, see the Pricing section
Will you help me set up the service for my company's templates?
Yes, after registration our specialists are ready to help with setting up your templates and prepare everything for the convenient work of your company in the service.